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As the spring thaw began, the colonists moved ashore from the Mayflower and were met by an English-speaking native who introduced them to Squanto , a member of the Patuxet tribe who had been kidnapped by an English sea captain and had subsequently made his way back to North America.

Squanto acted as a translator, guide, and advisor to the colonists. He showed the pilgrims how to sow and fertilize corn, the harvest of which led to the first celebration of Thanksgiving in the fall of As importantly, he helped to broker an alliance between Plymouth colony and the Wampanoag tribal confederation, which would endure for more than 50 years.

It would not take long to put the alliance to test. In August the leadership of Massasoit, with whom the pilgrims had formed the alliance, was threatened by a rival claimant to leadership. After Squanto, who had been sent to mediate the dispute, was taken captive, Standish led a group of ten men to capture or kill Corbitant, the rival claimant to power.

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The punitive expedition failed to achieve its immediate objective, but the raid convinced nine leaders of the Wampanoag tribal confederation, including Corbitant, to sign a treaty of loyalty to King James. The pilgrims now had valuable military allies who would help them survive in an alien and forbidding world. The first Thanksgiving was most likely celebrated that October as a traditional harvest festival.

Despite the successful first harvest, military concerns were never far from the minds of the colonists.

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In November an Indian messenger arrived in Plymouth to deliver a bundle of arrows wrapped in snakeskin—a threat from the powerful Narragansett tribe. The wall was finished by March, now guarded by four militia companies augmented by new arrivals to the colony.

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So as you eat your turkey this Thanksgiving, raise a glass in honor of the first colonial soldiers, whose defense of their new North American home made possible the eventual rise of the United States of America. Assists — Goshen 6 Robinson 2 , Plymouth 15 Hilliard 5. Turnovers — Goshen 14, Plymouth 7. Fouls Fouled out — Goshen 6, Plymouth This entry was posted on February 21, at pm and is filed under Sports. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

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