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Consequently, that which is easily identifiable as the "Gershwin style" is one of the factors contributing to his lack of recognition as a "serious" composer. Further contributing to this lack of recognition was his rejection by iconic composition teachers of his day. In an attempt to answer his critics, including Nadia Boulanger, he composed An American in Paris, and labeled it an "American tone poem.

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This idea is problematic due to the fact that much of the early research on Gershwin was based on popular, journalistic literature, and much of his life and work was left unexplored. Arnold Schoenberg's description of the developing variations method of composition as used by Johannes Brahms provides an effective method with which to examine Gershwin's An American in Paris.

Theme Analysis of an American in Paris, a Symphonic Poem by George Gershwin

Los Angeles, CA. One of the leading American composers of his generation, Steven Stucky is known for the lucidity of his musical structures, the directness of his expression, and his colorful treatment of the orchestra. The kind who, instead of dynamiting the locomotive of musical tradition, only wants to hitch his own wagon to it. Perhaps most important to his musical thinking was Lutoslawski, whose biography, Lutoslawski and his Music Cambridge , Stucky wrote.

George Gershwin - Rhapsody in Blue - Leonard Bernstein, New York Philharmonic (1976)

In he joined the faculty of Cornell University, where he taught composition until After becoming emeritus at Cornell, he joined the Julliard faculty. In Stucky embarked on what would become a year relationship with the LA Philharmonic, first as composer-in-residence and later as Consulting Composer for New Music.

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The mood suddenly clouds over, and with a quick glissando in the harp the curtain reopens onto a Sibelian landscape: here, slow-moving cellos carry the melody under a more skittering canopy; later, distant calls in the brass express a dark romanticism. The movement ends with ascending figurations that unroll in the upper registers, the orchestral color transforming so pointedly that the flute seems simply to dissipate into the high strings.

Throughout the movement, Stucky builds new timbres and textures by bringing unique instrumental combinations into dialogue. In one delightful variation, the xylophone seems to bewitch the clarinet, drawing it into higher registers at increasing speed.

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Yet, these moments do little to slow the surging drive to the end. Brooklyn, New York.

DIED: July 11, By , he had become a skilled improvisor and accompanist, cutting more than piano rolls. A series of theatrical successes followed; songs from Lady be Good!

Rhapsody in Blue brought Gershwin celebrity. Following its success, he devoted more of his energy toward concert music, though he never ceased composing musical theater, songs in collaboration with Ira Gershwin, and Hollywood scores. He died tragically at the age of 38 from a brain tumor. As the story goes, however, Gershwin had not agreed to compose a new work for the band leader before it was announced in the press!

Gershwin set to work on January 7.

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