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Morrison, understanding that these tours can be expensive and logistically complicated, was still a little bit surprised it was a first for the company. Karolina Kuras.

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Monika Warzecha. Filed under Culture Television. How a series of firsts link the National Ballet of Canada today with Russian ballet of the past. Rehearsal with Harrison James and Svetlana Lunkina. Why the trend towards half-hour dramas represents the next level of bingeabilty The important questions: Is Netflix killing our curiosity?

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Orchestrated death is a story about a murdered young violinist; Anne Marie whose death has few to no clues at all which finds Detective Slider at a time where he has to choose between his wife and his new found love. Most critics described this novel as masterful, rich and romantic with a sophisticated ending and a perfect literary pitch.

Her most recent novel; Star Fall is the story about the mysterious death of the seemingly charming antiques expert Mr. Rowland Egerton found stabbed to death in his lavish West London home. As usual, Detective Bill Slider and his team take on the case to investigate exactly who killed the man. Given that Mr. Or was it someone else, a burger perhaps, as some antique items are missing. The story keeps the reader guessing throughout as the victim turns out to be a man so different from the universally loved artist and finally ends in a startling discovery as to who really killed Rowland Egerton.

Detective Slider, first described as middle-aged and menopausal depicts an intelligent experienced Inspector who always finally cracks even the hardest of his cases. Apart from the series and the trilogy, Cynthia has over thirty single novels most of which are still very popular. Throughout her writing years, Harrod-Eagles has displayed a consistency in quality, creativity and imagination and has never once failed her fans.

She has clearly researched in her themes depicting an author who knows exactly what she is talking about. Her most popular book so far is the first of the Morlands Dynasty, The Founding which has 17 editions so far. It has been described as the yardstick by which all historical novels are based.

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There has however been speculation concerning the series which is said to be coming to an end due to increasingly low sales by its publishers arising from most people preferring to borrow rather than buying the book. However, it is expected that the writer will publish one last book in the Morlands Dynasty before finally concluding it.

The novelist is currently married with three kids and lives with her husband in London. Although she still writes full-time, Cynthia is also interested in music, mainly orchestra and occasionally plays and attends quite a few amateur orchestras.

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Apart from that she enjoys anything to do with wine tasting, horses, architecture and the English countryside.