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The Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States guarantees and individual political standpoints on this issue tend to denote the broad political .. proposed the clause “No Freeman shall be debarred the use of arms within.

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Cart Your cart You have no items in your shopping cart. In Stock. Very Good. Qty: Add to cart. Our excellent value books literally don't cost the earth. Free delivery in the US Read more here. Every used book bought is one saved from landfill. Additional information Sku GOR Title Bloody Versicles: Rhymes of Crime. Author Jonathan Goodman. Condition Used - Very Good. Binding type Paperback. Emotional tricks just to give me a kick. Why do young boys run their mouth? Probably cos' They've got nothing down south!!!

So let me explain what i'm talking about. Never Ending Nightmare. This cycle, it never stops. What time is it? Can I go home?

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So I walk. I'm sick now of hearing This word While they tell us lies why should I disguise the truth from their eyes? Grave Mistakes. Breaking glass shatteres on the floor, My life I can feel no more, every action a stone, every tear alone, thundering evermore. I try to escape, to drown out the hate, to undo what I have done,.


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You went into another world Leaving me alone here.. You are calm and happy now But what about me..? Dem Durty Thurtys. I 'member dem early days, being thursty for da durty thurtys. Fleeting Perfection. You know how you know something's wrong with your life? Everything seems like perfection.

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The "it can't get much better than this" mindset Turns out to be a devastation. Perfection is impossible,. Everyone expects you to be someone To somehow make a difference, But you just feel so overrun Like a stampede in the wilderness. You're expected to accomplish greatness: Go to school, marry, get a job,. Respect is dying everyday! The old dismay cos' the young display a lack of respect in their crazy ways! Pay close attention this isn't wordplay!

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Arrow Ace. My dear's a deer what a novel idear having a deer not a dear makes me a bit queer but what's really quite queer. Messing with the Best. I'm sure you've heard of Athena vs. Arachne The infamous rivalry and it's kind of wacky If you have or haven't make sure to keep reading This story is nothing like you've been believing.

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Sandman's Dilemma. But why do I feel so blue? My seed—Media! The Gods Will Not Die. The water roars and the earth shakes, The wind blows harsh and the thunder crackles across the sky.

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Narcissus and Echo. Echo, the beautiful cheerleader, loved to talk And once she had the last word, away she would walk. During cheer practice, Hera passed by looking for her boyfriend. Broken But Not Bruised. You better howl if you wanna be heard, wolf, Sing it even if it sounds absurd, wolf, Change is everything—now watch her turn, wolf,. Sir Gawain. Gawain was his name He loved to play a game He went on noble quests Before he went and took tests He went before the Green knight During the dark of night He loved his classes. I don't give a fuck People these days Like to Pass The Buck Problems now appear cos' most live in fear!

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They told me not to open the email, but I watched as the numbers had grown. It started at 0 and now there was 50 alone. They told me something bad would happen, If I let my curiouslity grow. The Night. Athena: Queen bee and so much more. Athena the goddess of Wisdom and War,To me the "queen bee" of Greek life and more,A virgin woman warrior, strong and superior is she,A natural representation of what women is to me.

Snow in October. From the Sun. Helios always said that he would one day write a book Of all the things that he witnessed in a day.

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Up in the sun chariot he watched and he took Notes on too many tales to relay. Inspired By Family. As she stared into the mirror It became clearer, as she walked nearer There were cuts on her thighs The monster told her lies She saw the mask she wore She did not know who she was anymore. The Code Entrepreneur. A master programmer, No coder like her, Arachne, the code entrepreneur.

She weaves new sites, pictures and videos with delight, a sight to satisfy one's appeitite. Acts of Kindness Ballad.


Black Lungs. I hate that I need you, I crave and have to have you, I love when I taste you. You know it seems that through life Propaganda and Lies are fed by those guys who wear corporate ties So DON'T be surprised if your life seems contrived. Since the invention of the airplane, There was no end to his migrane.