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Democracy, Schooling and Political Education (RLE Edu K)

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Radical Education (Rle Edu K): A Critique of Freeschooling and Deschooling

Shibboleth OpenAthens. This study, first published in , examines the principles that lie behind educational dilemmas, and helps to clarify the difficulties of explanation, justification and practical action in the educational system. The author explores various key concepts in the education process, such as….

By Derek Birley , Anne Dufton. This book, first published in , provides an account of educational and social services, their functions, and how they relate to each other.

Plato and Education by Robin Barrow

It discusses their problems and makes constructive and original proposals for their future development. Taking the child and its needs as their central…. By Peter Foster. This fascinating case study, first published in , of how policies work out in a real school setting is placed in the context of the wider debate about multi-cultural, anti-racist education. This book also makes suggestions for the shaping of future policy. This book should be of interest to…. By John Frain.

By Kevin Harris. In this study, first published in , the author draws on his considerable experience at all levels in the school system to present a radical Marxist critique of that structure. He argues that the schooling process within contemporary corporate capitalism is inimical to education, while true…. By David Hartley.

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In this study, first published in , the author explores the construction of educational ideologies and assesses to what extent they are put into practice by the teachers. By Will Cowburn. The cultural, social and political existence of the working class were critical factors leading to the nineteenth century provision of a class-based education system. Changes in the organisation of this system have sought to pursue many of its original aims.

Community education is an important new….

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In this book, first published in , John Evans presents a guideline for challenging sexism, racism and elitism in programmes of physical education. Physical education in relation to social class, gender, race and disability is also discussed. The results arising show problems in the teaching of…. Edited by Maurice Craft. This collection of essays, first published in , on multicultural education seeks to introduce teachers, teacher educators, educational administrators, policymakers and others to several of the most significant dimensions of the field.

But it also brings out the complexity of the issues and the…. By David Blackledge , Barry Hunt.

This book, first published in , provides a clear readable account of the principal sociological approaches to education. It is organised around the three main sociological perspectives on education: the Durkheimian and Functionalist, the Marxist and the Interpretative.

It concentrates on the…. By Robert G. In this study, first published in , Robert Burgess discusses the definitions, redefinitions, strategies and bargains used in and out of classrooms by teachers and pupils in a co-educational Roman Catholic school where he spent some time as a researcher and part-time teacher.

He also looks at…. By Philip Gammage. This title, first published in , provides a guide to the social psychology of learning. The author examines the school class as a group and considers the formation of some of the attitudes of the children and the teacher as they relate to education.

Building upon interaction as a major theme,…. This book, first published in , considers the whole problem of how social research can lead to improvement in practice in social policy and social work. In the first section, individual chapters discuss the political context within which research is commissioned and used, through consideration…. By Phil Francis Carspecken. In , Liverpool Council ordered the closure of Croxteth Comprehensive School because of falling rolls. The local residents protested, and when this failed occupied the school and for a year ran it themselves with the help of volunteer teachers.

Phil Carspecken was one of those volunteers, and…. This title, first published in , examines the work of teachers in the classroom and the school from a sociological perspective. It will be important reading for teacher education students who have little or no background in sociology, providing them with information, understanding and…. By Merle Froschl , Barbara Sprung. This title, first published in , provides a comprehensive compilation of resources to help teachers and policy makers locate the materials they need to create equitable curriculum and classroom environments.

While its primary focus is on girls and women, Resources for Educational Equity takes a…. By Susan D.

First published in , this work was the product of extensive fieldwork in two evangelical communities. This in-depth ethnographic study focuses on the meaning systems, organizational structures and the daily lives of the people Susan D. Rose encountered. The study is centred around Christian…. Edited by Michael W. It looks at the complex relations between the economic, political and cultural spheres of society, both historically and at the time of publication, and hones the wider…. By Kevin Marjoribanks. First published in , this study is one of the first works of educational research to include detailed assessments of family environments in an analysis of performance of children at their schools.

Much of the research is based on data collected from families in Australia, Canada and England and…. First published in , this book examines the concept of professionalism in the context of the development of organized teachers. The argument is presented that the concept of professionalism is a complex one and its different meanings must be located within a historical context. Thus, its use as…. By Jerry Paquette. First published in , this work critically analyses the competing claims about alternative arrangements for schooling.

It does so in light of major popularly understood agendas for social and political purpose, and of the troubled and much less clearly understood assumptions and issues behind…. By John W. Meyer , David Kamens , Aaron Benavot. First published in , this book presents unique quantitative data on the content coverage of primary education in a large number of countries since It demonstrates that these curricular outlines tend to be surprisingly similar across very disparate countries, and suggests the world….

By Donald Francis Swift. First published in , this book examines the educational process as a whole in relation to its society. The discussion is set within a specifically sociological frame of reference and looks at the school as an organisation as well as the social environment surrounding the school. It concludes by…. By Geoff Whitty. Although this new approach was set to revolutionize the subject, within a few years, many people considered these developments an eccentric interlude, with little relevance….

Edited by Peter Woods , Andrew Pollard. First published in , this work considers the ways in which the sociology of education can inform educational practice. It examines the research which marries the two fields and considers the thinking behind it.

Film Propaganda and American Politics An Analysis and Filmography Routledge Library Editions Cinema

It addresses key themes such as: sociological awareness or imagination, and how it….