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He knows this is irrational since everything has been arranged with his employer. But still the doubts and scary thoughts make his life misery. With the Swish he is able to teach his brain to feel enthusiastic and confident the moment the thought of walking into the workplace occurs to him. To use this for yourself follow the same steps as Doug.

To run the Swish Technique Doug or you needs four pieces of information. The Unwanted Thought or Trigger : this is the negative thought plus the feeling which it evokes. The Unwanted feeling : The feeling evoked by this thought or Trigger. Clarity that no action is required : The Unwanted Thought must be something which does not require you to take practical action.

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Every time thought pops into his head he gets a churning stomach, sweaty palms and panicky feelings. So he picks one: a memory of a particularly successful day working as part of the team.

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This is the Replacement Thought. It is important to use it only on silly or irrational thoughts — ones which do not require practical action. Doug knows that his negative thinking about returning to work is irrational.

Unwanted feeling : the nervous feeling that he wants to replace. Trigger : The image which evokes the nervous feeling i.

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Replacement thought : instead of the old nervous feeling, he wants to feel confident and enthusiastic about being back in the team. Place a tiny version of the Replacement image somewhere on the Trigger image and. Instantly have the Replacement image get bigger and clearer — as the Trigger image disappears behind it. Do it a bit quicker each time e.

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Yes, that is fast. Being put in a trance state is a privilege and an honour: it is all about the client.

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The client is in the spotlight. Use hypnotherapy to remove blocks and tap your potential.

I did. I learned it, I practice it, I live it and I wish everyone to have the gift of Joy and Mastery in their chosen journey.

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Follow the recipe. Make the change and Keep the Change!

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