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Elizabeth St. John has just moved with her family to the country to build their dream home, a straw bale house.

Genesis Farm

When her children are molested by a neighbor, her marriage, family and dreams fall apart. Elizabeth is devastated but begins to heal physically and emotionally by building the house on her own.

John is exasperated with the city; its traffic, its noise, its pace and its sameness. Everything is the tone of beige.

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Thatcher Healing House

David King 20th February at pm. Edwina Hayes 20th February at pm. Bill Stephens 16th February at pm. This property is in the the middle of a national park and conservation area. Monday to Friday th June. Clay plastering!

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This is an opportunity to learn or hone your skills in basic and decorative clay plaster techniques using clay from the ground. Laying an earthen floor. More experience in working with clay as a building material and specifically as a smooth and water resistant floor. The property is built on rammed chalk foundations with a timber frame using wood from Vert Woods Community Woodland www.

Straw from Middle Farm, clay from the ground within a stone's throw of the property, this is how building can be sustainable and healthy and offers a return to community supported architecture, like the classic barn raising and with your help, a contribution to the dissemination of natural and ecological building techniques. Please join us for this opportunity to get hands on experience and discuss theory while contributing to an innovative natural building.

Jon Kalviac will be leading the build. With many years of experience and an outstanding reputation in the field of natural building, Jon ensures volunteers have a fun, value packed time. Free to those who participate in the building process including refreshments and vegetarian lunch. Any questions, email enquiries alirabjohns.

Please arrive no later than 8. During the week, please bring a packed lunch, teas, coffees and snacks will be provided. At the weekend workshops, a vegetarian lunch will be provided.

Healing House - Happily Ever After League

Accommodation Please request details of local accommodation. Add to Calendar. View Map View Map. Find out more about how your privacy is protected.