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An app based on the Animalario universal del professor Revillod is released.

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La Gaceta is now available for iPad. FCE's backlist encompasses more than ten thousand titles, among which five thousand remain available i.

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Its catalogue is organized in over collections, among which are:. Brozon's Alguien en la ventana. Through its subseries Los Especiales a la Orilla del Viento, FCE publishes picture books in which text and image blend in a powerful unity, both for babies and adults. This collection seeks a balance between works of perennial historical value and those that best expose contemporary issues. Archivos Files , under the care of leading experts and academics, provides critical editions of major Latin American literature works from the Spanish, French and Portuguese languages.

Some of its volumes are William H. Biblioteca Universitaria de Bolsillo University Pocket Library, also known as BUB provides students with volumes in pocket editions on literature, the humanities and science. Some examples are G. It is divided in seven series, visually identified by color. Magenta: art; orange: literature and literary studies; light green: history; violet: philosophy; blue: social sciences; yellow: science and technology; and dark green: economics.

Some of its most emblematic works are C. It also includes representative books on contemporary scientific revolutions: neurobiology, computer science, cybernetics and genomics. The collection also seeks to foster dialogue between the various research centers and to join current debates among students, scholars and practitioners of its varied field.

Espacios para la lectura Reading Spaces bridges the field of education and current multidisciplinary research regarding written culture, so that teachers and other professionals in charge of instructing readers become aware of their role in the social fabric. To date, it is one of the most consistent and important collections within its catalog, because of its combination of classic and innovative texts and even educational works.

Historia , one of FCE's oldest collections, provides works of historical value —usually with analytical studies, notes, and high-level research—, on world history and on history of Mexico and Latin America. Brading ; and La gran matanza de gatos y otros episodios en la historia de la cultura francesa by Robert Darnton. It is the biggest popular science collection in the Spanish language with volumes as to November Lengua y Estudios Literarios , a collection devised by Raimundo Lida, brings together works that address the various sides of language and literature, seeking a balance between philology, linguistics, literary history, and criticism, both classical and contemporary.

Letras Mexicanas is in charge of issuing the literary production of Mexico. This collection also includes the complete works of Alfonso Reyes and Octavio Paz. Libros sobre Libros Books on Books offers book professionals the practical tools for their labor and reflections on the scope and limitations of their field. El oficio de librero by Romano Montroni.

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It is intended to stimulate the early stages of reading development with intriguing graphics and literary proposals. Berrios, and Estructuras de la mente. Tierra Firme.

Originally designed as the contemporary, humanistic, and scientific counterpart of the Biblioteca Americana collection, it issues works of all genres: novel, short story, poetry, drama, essay, and criticism, by and on prominent authors that, due to their nationality, would have no place in Letras Mexicanas. Encouraged by the spirit of cultural diffusion throughout the Spanish-speaking world, the collection also assembles the literary works from FCE's subsidiaries. A distinguishing feature of this series is the inclusion of unimpeachable testimonies of artists, leaders and intellectuals.

This is a collection in which biography, criticism, chronicle, correspondence, and memoir combine to build the gallery of personalities, movements and institutions that have shaped contemporary Mexico. Umbrales Threshold. Directed by Claudio Lomnitiz and Fernando Escalante Gonzalbo, it provides students and scholars with cutting-edge texts on anthropology, sociology and politics that introduce Spanish speaking readers into discussions and debates from other latitudes.

Its pocket volumes are small assortments of articles or book chapters on specific topics by authors almost always unpublished or little known in Spanish.

Dios es el que justifica. Nadie tiene mayor amor que este, que uno ponga su vida por sus amigos.

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Jn, , Pero cuantos son llamados por el Evangelio, son llamados con toda seriedad. Pero fiel es Dios que misericordiosamente los confirma en la gracia que, una vez, les fue dada, y los guarda poderosamente hasta el fin. Mi Padre que me lar dio, es mayor que todos, y nadie lar puede arrebatar de la mano de mi Padre Jn. Pues contradicen a Cristo mismo, que dice: Yo he rogado por ti Pedro , que tu fe no falte Lc. Add a comment Topics:.

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Nov 24 Rev. Tom Morrison Proverbs — Gluttony. Nov 23 Rev. Nov 11 Rev. Tom Morrison 2 Samuel 24 Costly Sacrifice. You can also find content Jul 15 Rev. Tom Morrison on Heidelberg Catechism for mobile devices now available. Hi Chris!

Thanks for the question. Yes, you can download! Jul 15 Chris Juloya on Heidelberg Catechism for mobile devices now available. Hi, Really thankful for these resources! I have a question though. Pastor Tom.