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This is what I wanted season three to be , I thought.

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Imperfect but interested in difficult questions about where the dividing line is between terrorist and revolutionary, and trying to figure out just how far gone June Osborne is. But alas, we ended up with something very, very different and much messier. Earlier this month, my wife attended the red carpet for the finale screening in Los Angeles, and she overheard several of them talking to press about the season as though June had gone full antihero.

Elisabeth Moss , in particular, seems to have been playing June as a suicide bomber all season long, a choice that makes much more sense of her entire arc. Normally, I would write off the June-as-antihero idea as spin from a show that lost the thread a bit and is trying to insist that, no, you guys, it was totally intentional. But the show never seemed especially comfortable living in that space, filled as it was with constant reminders that June is a hero.

And to be fair, that theme was present in the season, particularly in the early episodes. Constance Grady: Oh wow, I would honestly love it if June were dead. Look, obviously Elisabeth Moss is a treasure who has done some wonderful work on this show.

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If the show killed off June, maybe it could go full anthology as you suggested a few weeks ago, Emily — and then maybe it could find ways to open different windows into this world without turning every point-of-view character into a Chosen One. Plus, the final voiceover about June becoming, I guess, God in order to save her people from evil men is as fitting a close to this weird and messy arc as any.

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But in actuality, no, I cannot imagine that we are supposed to think June is dead. Multiple problems arise, and she has to find a way to fix them. The way she fixes them is messy and causes more problems, and she then has to repair those. That is all that I wanted all along! Did her arrest work for you? Emily: The whole story with Fred and Serena feels like the show is kicking that particular can down the road, which I understand but which means they almost could have been cut from these final two episodes without much fuss.

The cliffhanger of episode 11 — where we wondered if Serena betrayed Fred as the two of them were arrested — would have functioned far better as a place to leave their story than Fred offering up what intelligence he has on Gilead or, more accurately, what intelligence he can get away with offering up without endangering his standing within Gilead, should he be released and Serena being arrested again and this time seemingly for good based on what Fred told Tuello.

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