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The Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States guarantees and individual political standpoints on this issue tend to denote the broad political .. proposed the clause “No Freeman shall be debarred the use of arms within.

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Pugh get upset when Mr. Why do you think the author included this real event in the book? Red and his mother had different ways of dealing with the death of his father. Explain how they both grieved over the loss. Have you ever grieved over the loss of a family member, friend or pet?

How did you grieve? Do you think there is a wrong way for someone to grieve?

If so, how? The s was not only a time of African Americans seeking equal rights; women were demanding equal status as well.

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Cite at least two examples of Mrs. Porter standing up for equality. Do you think that Mrs. Porter was justified in her actions?

Name two groups of people who are currently discriminated against in America. Why do you think discrimination is still common today? Have you ever heard of a blood oath?

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Do you think it should be considered legal? Have you ever ignored a warning or bad feeling?

What happened? If you could go back and change your actions, would you? Do you think the outcome would be different? In what ways did Philip Walter help Red? Have you ever had someone unexpectedly help you or make you feel better about something? If so, who was it? How did he or she help you? What type of literary device did the author employ here? Look back through the book and give another example of this literary device.

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What does this phrase mean? Why was its meaning important for Red to figure out? Do you think he was right? Why do you think he tried to get his parishioners to agree with him? As a powerful man in the community, do you think this was right for him to do? You tell us TO think! What other qualities did Miss Miller possess that made her a good teacher? Have you ever had a teacher like Miss Miller?

If so, what was the most important thing he or she taught you? Before Red found out the truth about Old Man Porter, he refused to give up his desk.

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Why was the desk was so important to Red? How was it part of his legacy? More than once, Red claimed that he did not like history. How did Red come to realize that history is important? What do you think is the most important thing Red learned about history? How did the title relate to his project? Do you think that the title was fitting? Porter, and Red.

Why do you think he was so mean to everyone? At any point in the book did you feel bad for him? Do you agree? Explain why or why not. Do you think that Miss Georgia would have agreed with this sentiment? You sure did fix it right, Red! In what other ways did Beau prove to be smarter than most people thought? In your opinion, what was the most important way that Beau helped Red and the whole Porter family? In what ways were they like kin?

Do you have any people in your life who are not related to you by blood, but you consider kin? What do you think makes people kin? Do you think that her feelings and actions were justified? What was the question? Do you think there is ever a time when some questions are better left unanswered? If so, when? The mainstage shows have been selected, the directors are hard at work planning and auditions are just around the corner for the June, July and August play, musical and opera for And the rest of the season is lined up for your entertainment pleasure, too!

With music interspersed throughout the play by Jonathan Holtzman, this play will tug at your heartstrings while filling you with laughter.

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Miller, who has played the part of King Arthur both in Maui and Southern California is excited to bring his love for this role to our Sault Ste. Marie stage.

Performances at the theatre are August 5, 7 and 9 with a Mackinac Island performance in the works for August This Broadway favorite, running at around an hour, is a great way to try out a theatrical experience for kids and adults alike. This year, the JKL Bahweting Orchestras will join in the fun, with the combined group of several dozen players performing fiddle tunes, folk music and classical selections.