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Mostra del Cinema di Venezia. Locarno Festival. Biografilm Festival. L'isola del cinema. Cannes Film Festival.

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La settima arte - Cinema e industria. Roma Creative Contest. Udine Far East Film Festival. Middle East Now. ArteKino Festival. Torino Film Festival. River to River Film Festival.

Tokyo International Film Festival. Le vie del cinema a Milano. Da Venezia a Roma. Locarno a Roma. Pesaro Film Festival.

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Sundance Film Festival. Trieste Film Festival. Festival dei Popoli. Visioni dal mondo. Festival MoliseCinema. Cannes a Roma. Dragon Film Festival. Florence Korea Film Festival. Taormina Film Fest.

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Never did a people spread and grow so quickly. What was the cause? Especially coming from a liberal Episcopalian like me. But there you have it. The President makes a world-important declaration about global politics, and an absurdly apocalyptic thought arises, "Jerusalem? The Last Days must be at hand! When I was a teenager in the s, I attended a "Bible church," a nondenominational congregation that prided itself on a singular devotion to scripture. We read the Bible all the time: in personal Bible study and evening Bible classes. We listened to hourlong Sunday morning sermons.


For us, the Bible was not just a guide to piety. It also revealed God's plan for history. Through it, we learned how God had worked in the past and what God would do in the future. Central to that plan was Jerusalem, the city of peace, and the dwelling place of God. It was special to the Jews because it was the home of Abraham and David. It was special to us because it was where Jesus had died and risen. We believed that ultimately, Christ would return to Jerusalem to rule as its king.

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  3. Le Chasseur de légendes - Tome II: Les Seigneurs du Chaos  (MON PETIT EDITE) (French Edition).
  4. We longed for this outcome -- and we prayed that human history would help bring about this biblical conclusion. Jerusalem was our prophetic bellwether. God's plan hung on its fate.

    Yep, that's right, I'm doing fanfics of my own stuff! I've finally cracked!!! If I don't make it back in time, to everyone, Merry December, I wish you all well. Comments 2. Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In. Yeah, exams suck. We're doing exams here too D: But today's my last day! I've always wondered that: are extras of a story that are done by the author considered 'fanfics,' or is it cannon? Well, anyways, I look forward to seeing the Beautiful Black back!

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    And Happy Holidays to you too. Take some time off to celebrate, ok? Whether that be by hanging out with friends, hanging out with characters, or just sitting back with a cuppa coco.