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It is not easy. I continue.

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Sometimes I am tireless. And sometimes I am weary. And when I am weary, I imagine this: After the moment I die, I will find myself standing on the side of a long, pitted asphalt road flanked on both sides by murmuring pine trees, under a hot, high sun in a blue sky. In the distance, I will hear a rumbling thumping, a bass beat.

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It will stop so quickly the gravel will crunch, and then my brother will swing the passenger door wide with one long tattooed arm, the other on the wheel. He will look at me with his large dark liquid eyes, his face soft.

He will know that I have been waiting. He will say: Come. Come take a ride with me. I will, brother.

Men We Reaped: A Memoir

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Please sign in with Facebook or Google below:. And through this emotional excavation, she forces us to see the problems of place and race that led these men to their early graves.

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Full of beauty, love, and dignity, Men We Reaped is a haunting and essential read. With more gumption than many, Ward battled not only the indifferent odds of rural poverty, but also the endless racism of her classmates A modern rejoinder to Black Like Me , Beloved and other stories of struggle and redemption - beautifully written, if sometimes too sad to bear.

I am reminded of Miles Davis' quote: 'Don't play what's there, play what's not here,' after reading her memoir Men We Reaped. This is one might virtuosic, bluesy hymn. She transmutes pain and loss into gold. Men We Reaped illustrates hardships but thankfully, vitally, it's just as clear about the humor, the intelligence, the tenderness, the brilliance of the folks in DeLisle, Mississippi.

Men We Reaped: A Memoir from Lemuria Books

A community that's usually wiped off the literary map can't be erased when it's in a book this good. Ward's account of these losses is founded in a compelling emotional honesty, and graced with moments of stark poetry. A clear-eyed witness to the harrowing stories of 'men we reaped,' she quickens the dead and brings them, vividly alive again. An eloquent, grief-steeped account. In it, she writes with such clarity and beauty that her discoveries and revelations could very well change the way her readers understand the world.

She also makes the unbearable nearly bearable with her poetic prose and her life-affirming passion. This is fierce, brave exploration, but it is also art - timeless, universal, and unrelentingly inspired. The beauty is in the bodies and the voices of the young men she grew up with in the towns of coastal Mississippi, where a kind of de facto segregation persists.

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Despite the brutal world it depicts, Salvage the Bones is a beautiful read. Ward's redolent prose conjures the magic and menace of the southern landscape. You owe it to yourself to read this book.

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Her prose is conversational and unadorned. It's deceptively simple, until a moment of wrenching tragedy - or surprisingly often, one of astounding beauty - arrives with dangerous propulsion, knocking you off the foot that had seemed to care. Ward uses her family history to reach a personal, yet universal, understanding of the effects that race, class, and gender have had on her life, her community, and her generation. These discussion questions are designed to enhance your group's conversation about Men We Reaped , a poignant memoir about growing up amidst love and loss in the South.