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KR Roadster by Messerschmitt

I have been standing for a while on the porch, looking at the trees in this olive grove as far as the eye reaches. The harshness of winter lurking around the corner is hardly noticed by the workers who have begun harvesting the olives. They're doing the same thing that the people who lived here centuries ago used to do.

With more and better means, of course, but with the same love and respect for nature. Their work will soon yield liquid gold, extra virgin olive oil. Human beings have learned an awful lot about olive trees over the past millennia. Improving how they take care of the trees is essential to increase the yield and quality of olives.

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We are not dealing with weak trees. Quite the contrary, olive trees represent strength and intelligence. Even the leaves which are renewed every two or three years have a system to minimize water loss. Only the wind can complicate things quite often for the flowers. Olive trees can grow to between 6 and 33 feet and can live for hundreds of years even for over a thousand years. Because of their characteristics and capacity to withstand extreme conditions, they are easy to care for. Maybe that explains why there are over 1, different varieties….

All you need to know about Olive tree (Olea europea)

The key is the hydraulic and nutritional stress six weeks before flowering. Even though it may have produced flowers, an olive tree might not have the resources needed to continue with the flowering process--this leads to miscarriages.

In other words, the growth and development of the fruit is thwarted. An olive tree produces hermaphrodite flowers, those which can yield olives, and male flowers, which only produce pollen. Over history, the olive has been the symbol of peace, wisdom, glory, fertility, power and purity.

finsubesvinb.tk HEALTHY — Olives are incredibly healthy fruit yes, fruit—they are a distant cousin of the peach containing antioxidants, healthy fats and fiber. Olives are harvested from trees and must be vinegar or salt water brined, dry cured with oil or fermented before they can be edible.

Whether brined, cured or fermented olives are not only delicious but also fun to eat. Read about the numerous health benefits of olives by reading 10 Benefits of Eating Healthy Olives.

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