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The Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States guarantees and individual political standpoints on this issue tend to denote the broad political .. proposed the clause “No Freeman shall be debarred the use of arms within.

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I have the land but no finances. I pray I manage ti save.. I would only give to the gratfull ones.. I'll just let God who gives us the power to become rich Lastly, i lost my mother since i was a child and father doing the 14 years of civil unrests and wars that just ended Bevery Hills Grant Writer , 24 Feb pm. A friend of mine who lived in Vegas who at one time was making a great deal of money got involved with an alcholic and he left her stranded in downtown LA. I want to help her but Im barely making ends meet.

She needs a car and money to get her life back on track. Shes so kind and shes back into going out into the streets and helping the homeless after her experience. It touches me that she sees we are all a paycheck away from being homeless. Shes now volunteering also for the Church Alliance and continues to praise God regardless of the situation she is in financially. She could use a handup If you or anyone you know can help her even with a small amount I know this kind hearted giving woman would be ever so grateful You can email her at: RobinBerghella gmail.

Willie flemming , 24 Sep am.

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Joseph Deane , 20 Jan pm. Hello there buddy. I'm a singal dad with three kids.

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My wife up and left me and my kids for another man. And the bad thing is they're was know reason for her to leave us. I am really struggling bad and losing evening I have. I am disabled and my social security checks dosnt go far. But i keep struggling and putting my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and I'm thankful for what I do have.

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  8. But if they're is anything that you could help me and my family with would be a blessing and God bless you. Palmira D Plaza , 29 Dec pm. Please I really need help to support my family so I can work at home for my children , I pray every day , I hope Hod bless America. I'll just let God who gives us the power to become rich be the judge of that remark Carolyn Martin , 22 May am.

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    Please help my church. I am just looking for some one to donate enought money to build a kitchen so that I can get food from the food bank. I am from Al. Thanks Carolyn Martin. Kenneth , 24 Jan am. Am in gauteng ,mamelodi,am NT werkng,I proposed. Thoko ,n NW am stucked I dnt hv mny,to marry her,am begging a help so I can maary her, Paul Sincerbeaux , 21 Nov pm. Mrs Rose , 30 Jun pm.

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    Interested Persons should contact me with. Mamello cebani , 1 Nov am. I need money for my sons studies because I'm not affording,and it cost M Awais Mahar , 30 Aug am. Lashalonda Allen , 8 May am.

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    I was searching on the internet about millionaire that give money away for tax cut and I saw this website saying you will travel around the world to build houses for homeless. Well I am not homeless my house is not in good condition and I do not central heat and air. I have alot of problem with my house. I would like some help if you can help me remoldel my home I would appreciate it very much.

    Please email me and let me know how you can help me. Thank you,. Margie , 15 May am. I to have BIG problems with our home. We had a contractor come in and do some work State inspector found 6 violations in his work, and he will not return to fix the problems. I am afraid our house will come down if we have a strong enough wind.

    We cannot afford to get our home rewired We need about 20, I was so depressed about everything I attempted suicide a few months ago. Thank you. After reading several of the messages above, I pray that someone will help us all. Being a single mom who works full time and just pray that things could get easier. It would be nice not to have to juggle all the bills each month. It would be nice to be able to get your child the things that they need.

    To life in a nice house. To the lady who has a brain tumor if I had the money you need to help save your live I would do it in a heart beat. If I was a millionaire I would help!!! So I keep praying that some how things will get better.

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    Thanks for your time If I could help,and had the money I would. If someone can get me some attention somehow, I reckon it will take off I can't sing or am not a movie star Wonder how much prayin' and being good be4 GOD gives it all to ya? Mary Whitehead , 15 Dec pm. Hmannohring , 27 Aug pm. Mary Louise Granville , 19 Jul pm.

    I would like to know if you would help me and my son, we have no money or a place of our own to stay Angela , 19 Jul pm. Anonymous Coward , 19 Jul pm. Angela, aka Anonymous Coward , 19 Jul pm. Anonymous Coward , 24 Nov pm. Rich , 24 Nov pm. I have so much money, I can't keep track of it. It falls out of my pockets and my closets are full of it. Boo , 25 Nov am. Sheree , 13 Dec am. I would be a great person to help financially.

    I have never asked for help but I need it now. I am a divorced mother with three children and I also take care of my mom. I do work two jobs and seriously thought about finding another job but there just isn't enough hours in the day. I have fallen behind in my bills and now it is 12 days from Christmas and I can't even afford gifts for my kids.