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After the script to his previous movie, "The Hateful Eight," leaked online, the director had momentarily vowed to scrap the entire project he didn't. So this time around, Tarantino wasn't going to let even his closest collaborators read how he wanted to end his latest movie. Fast forward to midway through the production of "Once Upon a Time That was when Richardson was finally told he could read the ending. Richardson found none of this strange.

He was well aware that since "The Hateful Eight" leak, Tarantino was more paranoid than usual about his material. And two months was more than enough time to scout, prep, and shoot the ending. This is the wild ride of making a Quentin Tarantino movie: "Quentin is very specific," Richardson put it simply. And Richardson knows a little something about directors who like control. Robert Richardson shot on black-and-white 35mm footage for the "Bounty Law" on-set interview footage in "Once Upon a Time In that span, he's done beautiful work in bringing Tarantino's vision to the screen — from a mother's blood-soaked quest for revenge in the "Kill Bill" movies, to the vastly different vistas in the Westerns "Django Unchained" and "The Hateful Eight" for both of which he garnered Oscar nominations.

But the legendary DP said making "Once Upon a Time" was one of the most ambitious undertakings yet with the auteur. Hahaha if you could have only one lens it would be a low quality fisheye lens? That's ridiculous. Of course having everything in focus is an advantage for landscape photography-that is what landscape photographers are trying to do whenever they take a wide shot like this.

The same goes for shooting in the sweet spot of the lens.

Most landscape photographers don't shoot wide angle city scapes at f1. The photo you posted is cool but it's not really selling me on using fisheyes more.

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You used a fisheye exclusively for a year and this photo is your justification? This photo is kind of like a cautionary tale about going super wide angle. When you shoot this super wide angle you end up with a little foreground and a tiny little background with a ton of nothing in the middle.

I don't know how this photo was "changed to HDR" but it would probably be better if you didn't do whatever you did. Usually photos are best if they are just natural snapshots or if they are amazingly edited composites that are just flawless. In the digital age the photos that are in between just get lost in the sea of photographs posted on the web every day. Not trying to put down your work. Like I said before, the photo is definitely cool.

I think you should reconsider your heavy use of a fisheye lens. You should try shooting a less extreme wide angle lens and see how the more natural look it has makes your images stronger. Well, I was trying to figure out what photo to post that would explain my opinion about the lens better, but I as I said before I didn't use the lens just for landscape but for every type of photography. I have attached another photo taken with the same lens, let me know if you have the same opinion.

I think that image would have probably been a lot stronger if you shot it with a wide angle lens between mm instead of the fisheye. If you like shooting wide I think you would find that avoiding the fisheye in favor of a less extreme wide angle would give you better image quality and better compositions with less dead space. It's just some advice from someone who also loves wide angle lenses.

Home Fstoppers Originals. I love my Canon 85mm, but I just don't use it anymore.

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My mm has never let me down. That 50mm is pretty alright after all. Posted In:. July 27, June 20, June 12, Log in or register to post comments. Wes Jones - June 15, Sigma 35 1. Eric Salas - June 15, Sigma mm 1. Eric Salas Jay Galvan - June 17, I shoot a lot of portraits as you can see in my portfolio on here but I also use this lens for landscapes as well. Stuart Carver Jonathon Rusnak - June 16, See I have neither of those and would love them: The 27 is a great cheap option and my personal opinion is every Fuji shooter should have it just to throw on the camera for a wander around, the X-M1 is a true pocket camera with it connected.

Both great lenses!! I only take my family members including a dog. A is most versatile. And my disdain for the focal length actually works to my advantage sometimes, as it forces me to work extra hard to find a composition I like. It's a bit long for landscapes, but not so much I couldn't work with it.

If You Could Only Shoot With One Lens, What Would It Be?

I surprised myself a bit with that choice, and it made me realize that maybe I should put that lens on my camera when I go out a bit more often, as it's a little more versatile than I gave it credit for. It's also made me reconsider what I take for a walkaround lens. I used to take the mm, thinking it gave me a reasonable zoom range to take in whatever I happened upon and not miss shots. But switching to something like the 50mm has made me come home with more keepers, even if I miss some extra shots due to not having the extra focal length range.

That's because it's a lens that inspires creativity. I think there's something to be said there: perhaps it's worth sometimes sacrificing a bit of utility for something you're excited to shoot with. Alex Cooke is a Cleveland-based portrait, events, and landscape photographer. He holds an M. He is also an avid equestrian. I don't own a wide range of lenses, but I find my Sony 2. So you would be cool with this as your one and only lens? Do you do manly portraits?

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I have heard great things about this lens :. I shoot a lot of portraits as you can see in my portfolio on here but I also use this lens for landscapes as well. The 27 is a great cheap option and my personal opinion is every Fuji shooter should have it just to throw on the camera for a wander around, the X-M1 is a true pocket camera with it connected. I took this a few weeks ago with it, pretty much by accident as I had planned on some long exposure but decided on staying handheld when this sky presented itself.

That 16mm man, i really really want that lens.. I thought it was the 56 1. Turns out it's the the 23 1.

The lens is mm-e and produces gorgeous images: I can't fault it, and it's a focal length that I feel comfortable with. And it's tiny. Nikon 35 f2 AF-D: compact, lightweight and great performance. I use it for everything from portraits to landscapes and it keeps the Nikon D nice and compact. But my favorite focal length if I had to choose just one is 40mm.

Lately I've been leaving the Nikon at home and loving the ultra portable and versatile Panasonic 20mm 1. I just bought that lens and I'm waiting for it to come in the mail. I'm kinda excited to have a lens directly in between 35 and 50mm. Paired with one of the smaller bodies its a fantastic setup..

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Im heading out on the street tonight with mine. Sigma 35 f1. Love the sharpness and detail; and just the 35mm wide-angle ish look. For me it would be the Rokinon 8mm fisheye lens. I used this lens for one year exclusively and made some fantastic photos both in my city and while traveling. I think that fisheye lenses have a bad rep but actually if you are really creative you can get some amazing photos with them.

Due to the low quality I can only use it between f5. I've attached a photo taken with the fisheye and changed to HDR, however you can see how wide the view is and how much detail there is in the foreground and the background.