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The Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States guarantees and individual political standpoints on this issue tend to denote the broad political .. proposed the clause “No Freeman shall be debarred the use of arms within.

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After the political and ideological convictions have beenexhausted, it seemed that only individual solutions were left. The huge demonstration of the Approximately , people marchedthrough Portuguese cities, the majority in the capital. Despite the youthful dynamism of theprotests, the demonstrators were notably diverse, from older citizens frustrated with theemancipatory promises of the revolution of April , to middle-aged people madeunemployed with the closures and relocations of companies, to those disposed of by thepublic sector, etc.

In addition to employment, the need for security, the despair of families in trying to paytheir debts and the risk of not only the usual sections of the less qualified but also importantsections of the middle class falling overwhelmingly into poverty, we can now add —Portugal, Ireland and Greece being prominent cases — the frightening increase in austeritymeasures, abrupt cuts in salaries, and sharp increases in taxes and unemployment rates.

Theseverity of the crisis and the discretionary manner in which European governments haveloaded the sacrifices onto the workers and the public sector, scandalously sparing the banks,the economic elite and speculators of all types, can only lead to the increase in protests.

Those camped in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid, and in various Spanish cities that followed inthe month of May— M15M — adopted some of the features of the Portuguese movement,demanding better jobs, greater justice in the distribution of wealth and more democracy. In this respect, the second decade of the 21st Century does not appear todiffer a great deal from the s. The protests that havemushroomed in over cities in plus countries over the past few days have voiced fewpractical demands, and in some cases they actually avoid making any.

Participants favourthe general over the specific. They think need matters more than greed. Beyond that, the horizon clouds. This passagesums up well the range of objectives and motivations that mobilised the millions, who onthe 15th October , participated in a unique global action that spread to all continents. Atthis point we can pinpoint the more innovative character of the present movements. As one of the youngmembers of the indignants said in Madrid , "I am 57 years old. Today, at last, it feels like Im17! Onward: this is for everybody!

ConclusionThe present paper has shown, firstly, how the systemic process of the reorganisation of thelabour market has followed a strategy of the dominant economic power and at the sametime the inability of the European political elites to secure the sustainability of this model ofsocial state whose victories are now being reversed. From the strategy of flexibilization tothe huge growth in precariousness it was but a small step. European citizens were quick to understand and successive international studies showedthat the subjective attitudes indicated a growing concern, mistrust and discontentment withlife, with the working conditions and with the functioning of institutions in general, with theemphasis being placed on the political and legal systems.

The collective apprehension withthe reduction in public investments and the withdrawal of or reductions in finances inpublic service, particularly in health and education, are some of the aspects that have givenrise to greater degrees of dissatisfaction in many countries in Europe. Whether on thesubjective level, or whether in relation to working conditions and access to employment,educated young people, as we have seen in this chapter, are those most affected by thechanges taking place in the economies.

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Signs of indifference on the part of citizens in relation to political activity and to democraticinstitutions have already been making themselves felt to an alarming extent since the turn ofthe century. But the experience of the last few years, with the constant worsening of theeconomic and financial crisis, particularly the deficit and the pressure of the markets, has hitthe living conditions of millions of Portuguese especially hard, abruptly robbing them oftheir expectations and their future.

The point is thatnow new inequalities and forms of violence come together with the increasing of newoppressions, despotic powers and exploitation inside jobs.

1. Introduction

Labour Relations and Social Movements in the 21st Century Of course economic crisis, the violent austerity measures, with the growing unemploymentand the expansion of poverty including in the middle class segments contributeddecisively to the new discontents. People are becoming increasingly impatient andmistrustful of national and European politicians, and over the last year, they have started toprotest.

On the one hand, we are witnessing large mobilisations of trade unions, organised,above all, by groups in the public sector and in the area of education, and a general strike the second in two years , organized by the two main trade union confederations, CGTP andUGT ordinarily rivals , by the end of November From having an individualist, consumeristand indifferent attitude, from the search for individual solutions that led them to rejectpolitics, from the evolution of the old activism of the s to recent indifference, youngPortuguese people, similar to the Spanish, English, French, Greek, Americans and eventhose who organised the Arab Spring, are showing signs of wanting to have a voice and toreturn to assert a collective will.

To shout out their protests and return to politics. Work, as the central sphere of social cohesion and integration, isthe main target of this social regression unfolding in this context of crisis and austerity. Butit should continue as the binding agent that can bring together distinct and traditionallydivided logics of mobilisation. It is the struggle for the right to work and through labour for social and human rights at work that could bring together, on the one side, the tradeunions and the precarious and, on the other side, the indignant movements that areproliferating in the country, in Europe and all around the world.

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Os sentidos do trabalho: ensaio sobre a afirmação e a negação do trabalho

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Os sentidos do trabalho

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