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The Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States guarantees and individual political standpoints on this issue tend to denote the broad political .. proposed the clause “No Freeman shall be debarred the use of arms within.

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Wong is every inch the patrician: calm, rational and not given to public displays of rancour. Does it help that Wong dresses almost invariably in a conservatively tailored trouser suit and a plain shirt? This exempts her from any of the sexist commentary on her fashion sense of the kind regularly inflicted on Gillard.

A distinctive personal style can confer coherence on a political career that it might otherwise lack, especially if the politician in question is light on substance think Barnaby Joyce. At the age of 26, already a significant player on the left of South Australian Labor, she moved from Adelaide to Sydney to work for the CFMEU as one of its frontline negotiators in what proved to be an uncommonly successful implementation of Regional Forestry Agreements.

Under Labor premier Bob Carr, the outcome was a sizeable increase in national park acreage along with a relatively enlightened industry package. Later, Wong was to be criticised from the left for working for the enemy forestry , and the process left her with an enduring disdain for the environment movement. The green issue was to arise again in her career when in she became minister for water and climate change in the new Rudd government.

This time, according to Rudd, she pleaded with him in not to abandon the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, arguing that to jettison it would damage both his leadership and the credibility of the government. She was right on both counts. She also urged Rudd to call a double dissolution when failure to arrive at an agreement with the Greens and the Opposition had stymied the proposal, and she was right about that as well. Throughout this process she found the Greens leadership intractable and blames them, in part, for the debacle that ensued.

She is known to have a temper. In the last three years of the Labor government she was its finance minister and the first woman to lead the government in the Senate. Bishop entered the arena of foreign affairs in after making a hash of her short-lived tenure as shadow treasurer.

It can be difficult to write entertainingly about the day-to-day slog of politics, the endless grind of committee work, the machinations of factions, the minutiae of legislation, but Simons, author of two fine novels and a lauded biography of Malcom Fraser, is a skilled story-teller who manages to weave a compelling narrative that is notable for its clarity and pace she is especially good on the fiasco of water policy and the Murray—Darling Basin Authority.

In the wake of the Rudd—Gillard trauma, Wong was one of the few senior Labor politicians to emerge with increased public respect. Since then, as Simons observes, she has since become something of a cult figure among progressives this despite being less radical than her left-leaning admirers assume her to be. There is even a Twitter account devoted to the famous eyebrows, so often raised in contempt of prevaricating opponents.

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But after 18 years in politics Penny Wong remains an enigma. To many she represents the kind of diverse and inclusive — and smart — Australia they would like their country to be. Perhaps the key to Penelope Ying-Yen Wong lies in the proud reference she makes to her Malaysian side as a matriarchy of strong women.

She shows Simons a photo of herself, four years old in Sabah and serving tea to her paternal grandmother, Lai. Lai is sitting ramrod straight, with a stern expression, her head inclined to the little girl. Notable works included Graham You are reading this month Already a subscriber? Login Sign up.

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Allyson Grey. Flo Perry. Emilie Pine. Naomi Alderman. Maria Mies. Leonard Shlain. Helena Reckitt. Hallie Rubenhold. Abby Wambach. Morgan Lloyd Malcolm. Anne Boyer. Deborah Levy. Deborah Coughlin. Sarah Knott. Josephine Donovan. Sharon Blackie. Kat Banyard. Jacky Fleming.

Betty Friedan. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Free delivery worldwide. Description John Charles Fremont was the illegitimate child of a Virginia aristocrat and a working-class French immigrant; Jessie Benton was the daughter of the most powerful pre-Civil War U.

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Senator Benton unwittingly brought the two together, never imagining that his daughter would fall in love with Fremont. Despite their disparate backgrounds, however, John and Jessie's marriage was one of the most storied events of the nineteenth century. And indeed, Jessie and John made a formidable couple. Both together and apart they contributed significantly to shaping the United States.

He was a key figure in western expansion and the first presidential candidate for the Republican Party. She was a savvy political operator who played confidante and adviser to the highest political powers in the country. Despite their great efforts on behalf of their country, however, their reputations did not survive a Washington smear campaign led by none other than Jessie's father. Written with an investigative journalist's eye for detail and a novelist's flair, this biography of explorer, politician, and gold-mine owner John C.

Fremont and his intellectual wife, Jessie Benton Fremont, also casts light on the tumultuous period that forms the backdrop for their lives, from the abolition of slavery to the building of the railroad.

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