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Obesity Prevention. Brief Interventions: Evidence briefing physical activity, smoking cessation, obesity, alcohol and falls prevention. London: Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. Clinical practice guidelines for the management of overweight and obesity in adults, adolescents and children in Australia.

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Adolescents' attitudes about obesity and what they want in obesity prevention programs.

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Journal of School Nursing. Adolescents' perceptions of obesity treatment-an interview study.

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Disability and Rehabilitation. Management and prevention of obesity and its complications in children and adolescents. The Lancet Parents' obesity-related behavior and confidence to support behavioral change in their obese child: Data from the STAR study. Academic pediatrics ;14 5 Continued development of the family management style framework.

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J Fam Nurs Feb;18 1 Global prevalence and trends of overweight and obesity among preschool children. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Recommendations for treatment of child and adolescent overweight and obesity. Physical activity for everyone: recommendations. Available at: www.

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Behavioral therapy for management of obesity. Indian J Endocrinol Metab Jan;16 1 Obes Rev ;— Counseling and behavior change in pediatric obesity.

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Pediatr Clin North Am ;58 6 Motivational interviewing as a way to promote physical activity in obese adolescents: A randomised-controlled trial using self-determination theory as an explanatory framework. Psychol Health ;28 11 Motivating Behaviour Change [Internet]. Motivational interviewing? The essential handbook of treatment and prevention of alcohol problems. Applied Neurosciences for the allied health professions [online]. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone. Goal theory vs. Motivation Emotion.

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Behavior Therapy ;31 1 The definitions of fatherhood have shifted in the twenty-first century as paternal subjectivities, conflicts, and desires have registered in new ways in the contemporary family. This collection investigates these sites of change through various lenses from popular culture - film, television, blogs, best-selling fiction and non-fiction, stand-up comedy routines, advertisements, newspaper articles, parenting guide-books, and video games.

Treating constructions of the father at the nexus of patriarchy, gender, and post feminist philosophy, contributors analyze how fatherhood is defined in relation to masculinity and femininity, and the shifting structures of the heteronormative nuclear family. Perceptions of the father as the traditional breadwinner and authoritarian as compared to a more engaged and involved nurturer are considered via representations of fathers from the US, Canada, Britain, Australia, South Africa, and Sweden.

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