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During this session we will explore conceptions used in heritage-making, as they appear or are particularized in the scientific literature, local expertise and the collective intelligence in various regions of the world. In fact, the impressive recent expansion of heritage the word if not the thing itself and its polymorphous appearance in various settings betrays a growing gap between the denotations and connotations of heritage, on the one hand, and attempts, on the other, to establish normative instruments designed to manage all, or at least some, of its expressions.

Without becoming involved in the structuralist versus post-structuralist debate , the underly- ing argument of this session is that heritage conceptions and knowledge may be differentiated and compared based on the language in which they are expressed and the region of the world in which they emerge.


Thus nobody should be surprised that such a dichotomy of temporalities past to pre- sent vs. Above and beyond the binary characterization according to which Eastern heritage tends to be intangible as opposed to the tangible heritage of the West, a proposal that may very well be a product of the homogenizing Authorized Heritage Discourse, it would appear that a multitude of heritage conceptions could in fact shed light on one another, provided that they are put into per- spective by the various forms of scientific thought, praxeologies, and social knowledge that give them voice, over and above the linguistic particularization induced by territorial networks Portu- gal vs.

Brazil, Spain vs.

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Latin America, etc. They may also choose to focus, more generally, upon the historical interrelationships between local culture and the emergence of a more particularized representation of heritage. By comparing relationships with time, the other, and space expressed by different praxeologies and social knowledges of heritage, we hope to better identify the terms and conditions by which heritage conceptions can be differentiated.

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There are plans for a peer-reviewed publication to be prepared after the session. The publication could, if this proposal is accepted by the editorial committee, be turned into a theme issue of the International Journal of Heritage Studies or, otherwise, into a collective work. To identify the session, please explore the conference umbrella themes, click on Theorising cultural heritage studies and choose the session Ideas and ways of heritage: scientific thought, praxeology and social knowledge in patrimonialisation to create your paper proposal.

Once this page is complete please click on submit which will register your abstract and will send an automated email to your account as a receipt. Home Ideas and ways of heritage: Scientific thought, praxeology and social knowledge in patrimonialisation de en es fr pt. Nadeau , M.

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