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One of the best ways to understand a complex idea is to make an easy-to-understand metaphor. In the case of Chaos Theory , the term "The Butterfly Effect" was created to attempt just such a thing. It isn't meant to imply that this could actually happen, just that a small event, like this, at the right time and place could, in theory, trigger a set of events that will ultimately culminate in the formation of a hurricane on the other side of the world.

This was coined by one Edward Lorenz almost 45 years ago during the th meeting of the Association for the Advancement of Science. It would prove to be very popular and has been embraced by popular culture ever since.

Lorenz was a meteorology professor at MIT. He developed the concept but never actually intended for it to be applied the way it has all too commonly been used. Whilst it sounds a little ridiculous as a concept, it is not meant to be taken literally. To put it another way, small variances in initial conditions can have profound and widely divergent effects on a system.

Such chaotic systems are unpredictable by their very nature. This branch of mathematics has come to question some fundamental laws of physics. Particularly those proposed by Sir Isaac Newton about the mechanical and predictable nature of the Universe. Lorenz was quick to point out one of the main problems we have is the imprecise nature of our measurement devices for things like physical phenomena.

All we can ever hope to do, therefore, is make an educated best guess or approximation of events. This is especially true for highly complex systems like weather patterns. Whilst theories in other fields of science, like physics , try to model nature, in real life they are complex systems. Most things in nature tend to be the result of many interconnected, and interdependent, cause-and-effect relationships.

This means they are staggeringly complex and probably impossible to ever resolve adequately in practice. In support of this argument, Mr. Allison also presents a less well-known passage from the "Chuang-tzu," known as the Great Sage Dream anecdote. It also reminds one of the works of Wei Wu Wei who, like Mr. Allison, uses the conceptual tools of western philosophy to present the ideas and insights of the nondual eastern traditions.

To Mr. Allison, neither of the above for various reasons is satisfactory. In other words, Mr. This Great Sage story, argues Mr. Before one has fully awakened, such a distinction is not even possible to draw empirically. The Buddhist tradition of Valid Cognition is a form of Jnana Yoga, in which intellectual analysis, in concert with meditation , is used by practitioners to gain certainty about the nature of reality, and to the rest non-conceptually within that certainty.

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The two principal teachers within this tradition are Dharmakirti and Dignaga. This tradition includes numerous texts and various commentaries. In this context, we can see perhaps how some tenants of early Chinese Taoism evolved into one of the standard principles of Buddhism.

So what does it mean, then, to do this? First, we need to become aware of our habitual tendency to clump together into one tangled mass what in reality are three distinct processes:. To see something "nakedly" means to be able to stop, at least momentarily, after step 1, without moving automatically and almost instantaneously into steps 2 and 3. He shakes his head and gives a soft smile, then walks along the stalls, touching frames and displays as he goes. When the men in button-up shirts are serious, they duck behind the stalls into back rooms to negotiate private deals.

Jasmin is serious. In a room behind a storefront, another man shows him several boxes full of the wax paper triangles. These butterflies started their journey in the nets of boys on far-flung islands, then were transported in vans driven by middlemen, and finally they have been funneled here—heaps and mounds of them, waiting for an overseas buyer. We walk into the park itself, where we see a fading hotel and natural water slide and tour guides leading groups toward underground caverns.

Butterfly Biosphere

Butterflies decorate every surface, down to the pavement itself, but there are no actual butterflies to be seen in the air. He points to a building. He walks deeper into the park, past his former home, past a glassed-in terrarium that once held butterflies but now sits empty.

Around a corner and down a narrow passage, away from the crowds, he begins to walk more slowly and speak more softly.

The Butterfly

He stands before what appears to be a small garden decorated with large rocks. The context is so jarring—we can hear tourists squealing at the water park—that only gradually does the meaning of the stones take shape. He wants his son to follow him into the butterfly business, he says, but the young man shows no interest. As they play, I look over maps of the area. Much larger. He feels an ownership, because his family came from that land.

The government took away his birthright, in his view, so he takes it back. He raises an index finger, angry now, and begins to reel off a series of scientific butterfly names. I choose one— Ixias piepersi —and look it up in one of his illustrated books. But they have existed only in a small stretch of coastline between Bantaeng and Bulukumba on the south edge of the island. Now coastal fish farms have wiped out their habitat, Jasmin says, and he fears they are going extinct.

Look around. Butterflies are woven into his tablecloth and painted into the decor. He has signed editions of Mr. The bricks in the walls themselves are shaped into familiar wings.

Why Victorian collectors went mad for them or Japanese businessmen devote whole rooms to them, or why the great novelist Vladimir Nabokov studied them in microscopic detail throughout his lifetime. I suspect the endurance of their appeal lies in their very ephemerality. Like the blumei that Aris pinched so tenderly on the Sulawesi mountaintop, they seem to exist on the edge of nonexistence, to float along just this side of a mortal veil.

Such is their delicacy that they are unattainable in life, and unsatisfying in death. So we pick a spot in the yard and dig several holes and lower into them an assortment of plants and flowers that monarchs love. Lantana camara and Bulbine frutescens, especially. After the last one we step back for perspective. I hope they come.

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They will. And the days are already getting warmer. Inside the Murky World of Butterfly Catchers For those who capture and trade the delicate insect, the rules are intricate and the prize is mesmerizing. By Matthew Teague. Photographs by Evgenia Arbugaeva. This story appears in the August issue of National Geographic magazine.

From there the butterflies are exported throughout Asia and on to collectors worldwide. It can be a treacherous thing, hunting this particular butterfly. Inside the Lives of Butterfly Traders Step into the murky world of capturing and trading butterflies, where prices start at pennies and run into the thousands. Jasmin sits up. He sits in silence a moment and lies down again.

The isolated village consists of just a few homes. He settles into a hollow spot in the rock to wait. Aris likes the idea of a butterfly movie. It makes him laugh. I had forgotten, for a moment, about the net. Queen Alexandra's birdwing.

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Ornithoptera alexandrae. Papua New Guinea. Aristolochia dielsiana. Females lay eggs after tapping leaves with their forelegs, which have sensors to detect their target plant. Microscopic scales scatter light, creating iridescent colors and patterns that likely help attract mates. DARK scale. Homerus Swallowtail.

Papilio homerus. Named after the Greek poet Homer. Featured on Jamaican postage stamps. North America. South America. Host plant. Hernandia catalpifolia.