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Ask Venus to make you shine and attract the best partner. When you feel it was enough, put the jewel under the green candle. Meditate and thank Venus and archangels for their help. Then end the ritual and undo the circle. You can repeat the ritual more times and perform the final ritual at the day of the full moon. Then you can offer the sacrifice for the Goddess to the nature.

"Blink 3 Times" LOVE SPELL - Love Spell That Works Immediately! 💖

Protection against unwanted love spells The best protection against unwanted magic performed toward yourself is your personal evolution and self-knowledge. Not many people ask themselves questions, not many are searching for the reason why. Try to understand yourself! Meditate and practice daily introspection! Be curious, why do you have certain preferences?

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What are your life priorities and why? Why do you attract such partner? Why are you as you are? If you know deeper answers to such questions, it is very difficult to influence you through magic! In such cases, arguments and persuasion don't help. It makes the situation even worse. If this is your case, you can try some ritual, which will reveal the truth and the real motives of the wrongdoer. Such rituals are performed during the full moon, so that the deeds of the wrongdoer can be seen in full.

A Little About Casting Spells

Be aware, that unwanted love magic can create the attraction, but manipulation is never the way, how to attract somebody for a long time. According to the universal laws, it cannot last long and cannot bring happiness to wrongdoer and love from the one, he deceived. Magical amulets are also very useful for magical protection. But only if they are charged by a skilled mage have they a real power. Good amulet is being charged for 28 days - from a new moon to a new moon. Protection amulet serves not just against unwanted love but it also protects against all magic attacks.

See Protective magic. Do you have problems with your love life? Inconsistencies, conflict, a lack of harmony? Have you or your partner thought about ending the relationship or have you already done this? Often you can fix these problems by entrusting someone who knows how to handle such situations. We can help you get your relationship back on track! Successful Love Magic Things are interconnected and they depend on each other! The most people come to us because of Love Magic. In general, people believe, that it is sufficient to do certain love spell and then, everything will be all right.

If things are so easy, magicians would not be needed! It is because one very important condition hasn't been fulfilled! And this condition is: One cannot repeat the old mistakes, which caused that the relationship ended!

This is why, in order to bring partner back in love and harmony, skilled magician is needed. For example: A man drunk too much alcohol and his wife left him. Man visited a magician and he did love magic. Wife returned back and man promised her he will stop drinking. After one month, he started again, so woman left him, but this time, forever, no second chance and way back! Another example is a woman with low self-esteem. Because of this, she controls every movement of her husband.

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She makes dramas, when he is on Facebook or chatting with friends. Why is she writing you an email? Do you know her well? She asks magician for help, and after successful ritual, man comes back again to give it a second chance. But this woman still carries her problem within and creates dramas. This convince the man, that his decision to leave her was right and this time, he leaves forever! Love Magic can create a second chance, but if we won't dissolve the reasons, why our partner left us, we won't be able to use this chance and everything will fail.

There isn't just one reason, why people get together and then break up. There is always a combination of factors. As we said before, positive energy and good communication are important. But another very important factor of balance in relationship are money. According to statistics, the most relationships end because of financial issues and fights because of money. We are speaking about situations, when people lost job or their business bankrupted. These situation are very dangerous for relationship and only strong and balanced relationship can survive this.

We would like to emphasise, that: in the most cases, financial situation cannot be separated from love. Money and health have to be taken into consideration, even when the objective is Love Magic. Speaking about health, we have to take into consideration the way of life, health care, physical activity. Speaking about finance, we have to include also education, skills and job positions of partners.

Another level is also how partners see themselves and each other. What are their interests, hobbies, what they prefer to do in their spare time?

20 Love Spells To Make Someone Fall Deeply In Love With You

How we perceive our own value and what we think about ourselves, reflects also in may small things in our ordinary lives. For example, the way we dress ourselves. If we don't care about this, we cannot be surprised, that in many areas like applying for a job, meeting a potential partner, applying for a loan , people will refuse us. Or the way, we treat ourselves and speak about ourselves. If we are not kind to ourselves, we cannot expect, that other will be! If someone, who doesn't think well about himself expects, that his partner will support him and tell him, that he is handsome, smart or interesting, he is wrong.

People with low self-esteem, who maybe are on the surface seen as nice and successful, but inside, they feel not worthy, they will be sooner or later refused by their partners and perceived as not smart, or not successful. And their partners will think, they can find someone better. The scientific research proved, that people, who smile a lot and think positive are healthier and more successful than people, who don't do that.

Spells to Make Someone Fall in Love with You

For deeper understanding of this observation, we recommend to read the book from Mirzakarim Norbekov: The experience of a fool who had an epiphany about how to get rid of his glasses. The author proved, that a simple exercises like deep breathing, smile and basic exercises for back, have an enormous influence on our health and state of mind. We cannot see our problems as something isolated. So, problems in love life has to be solved in a complex way, not just by finding some suitable partner asap.

Problems in our life come from combination of our thinking habits, way of life, way we see the world. And in the most cases, we can solve them, if we are able to admit, that we do something wrong. There is no such a ritual you just perform and your partner is back, or you get a perfect job, or after doing such and such spell, you will be immediately healthy. Magic can make a movement in desired direction, create a chance, get new possibilities, make the healing faster. But Magic is not enough! In order to succeed, magic has to be always supported by your own change and transformation! You have to search for deeper understanding of your life.

Why this situation happened? How did I get into this situation?

What in me allowed this to happen? If you get a clarity about your life, why it is in certain point and where you want to move it, then you can change it and get success and satisfaction. Love Magic Ritual: Venus Spell for bringing partner back Important notice: This ritual can be done only in situation, when two people are not in a contact! The room, where the ritual is performed, should be lighted during 8 days with green light. No one should see the things connected with the ritual, so, after the magic work, hide things to a safe place.

Perform this ritual for 8 days, from one Friday to the next Friday by waxing moon, in the hour of Venus see Venus hours chart. The moon has to be waxing during the whole 8 days of the ritual. The ritual itself lasts 7 days, 8th day is a day of finishing of the ritual. If you cannot buy it on Monday, you can do it also on Tuesday, but in the hour of Venus , copper coins 49 cents , 7 green stones, green, silver and red ribbons, green bulb.