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The Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States guarantees and individual political standpoints on this issue tend to denote the broad political .. proposed the clause “No Freeman shall be debarred the use of arms within.

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They imagine what it's like to sleep in jail at age but no one, really, can imagine the nights in these places.

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Nathacha Appanah is the author of the novel les rocks of " Powder D ' or " , " Blue Bay Palace " , " the wedding of Anna " De L ' Olivier, Gallimard Jeunesse Gabriel Voltz is not an ordinary detective. His Specialty: hunting for lost, these heretic creatures that hide under a human appearance. Lycans, cockatrice, volkolaks, werewolf But since he took rose under his wing, an orphan as stubborn and curious as endearing, he is exposed to the wrath of his powerful employer, the order of the sinate-Vehm.

From 13 years old Karine Martins is a French teacher in college and the author of fantastic novels at.

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Over the years, the children of the neighborhood have made it their domain. They play football, their head full of their dreams of glory.


We are in , in dely brahim, a small commune in the west of Algiers, in the so-called city of December. Life is harmonious, despite the rainy days that turn the land into a muddy surface, barely practical. But it all goes down when two general arrive, construction plans in hand. They want to settle there, in beautiful villas already drawn.

The plot belongs to them. This is at least what " official " papers say ". Unlike parents, fear and resignation, this youth is protest and refuses to bend. The tension is rising, and the diet machine is getting flu. Through the history of a wave, kaouther adimi explores the algerian society of today, with its deceit, corruption, abuse of power, but also his hopes.

Kaouther Adimi is the author of the reverse of others Acts South, , stones in my pocket Threshold, , our riches Threshold, renaudot of high school That it's from you that I should have wanted to shelter.

But who wants to live shelter from thunderstorms? And all this is not sad, mi amor, because nothing is black, absolutely nothing. Frida speaks loud and strong, with her body smashed by a bus accident and her excessive ways of inviting la muerte and la vida in every one of her gestures.

She swear like a driver, drinks tequila dipped, and she doesn't see where the problem is. She likes political demonstrations, putting flowers in her hair, talking about sex, and the parties to wake up the skeleton. And she paints. Frida Loves Diego, Mexico's most famous painter, his insatiable frog, fatal seductive, who covers the walls of gigantic murals ".

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Claire Berest is the author of " Mikado " and " the empty orchestra " at Leo Scheer, " Bellevue " stock, An attempt by the inner meditation of the character, passionate about painting, and a travel story on the places where he will wonder about the work and myth Leonardo Da Vinci. A journey in what the artist saw, the real landscapes and their performances in the renaissance; A return to the sources, those of Leonard and his contemporary, and also those of the art lover himself, heir to a history of France that we wanted illustrated by the Mona Lisa.

Claude Eveno is the author of five books devoted to landscape, space and urban planning: "landscape mood" Ed. Bourgois, , "the suburbs in colors" Ed. The Discovery, and has supervised the writing and design of collective works, especially published by the editions of the centre pompidou.

He is also the author of about twenty short and medium films. The walk of the rider " [Editions de l'Olivier] In its first version, this book was about the works of grace paley, Virginia Woolf,,,, and.

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Since then, Alice Munro has been awarded the Nobel Prize and her work is a little better known. I wanted to talk about his more recent books. Time has passed. And I had a crush on Vivian Gornick. Finally, I was told that French writers were unfairly banned from this book. It is to Christiane Rochefort, so rebel and so alive and so forgotten that I thought to make up for this lack.

On the other hand, they have a lot to do with this constant understanding, this misunderstanding that persists between the gender, even or especially when it comes to art, beauty and aesthetic and moral emotions. So where do they come from? They are divided into two groups, strongues and bitches, and the strongues beat, and the bitches don't let themselves.

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They are more used to violence than to tenderness, it does not prevent friendships, loves. They're afraid of the forest, but it attracts them, these kids. Not far, a village, contained in mountains. As everywhere, the struggle of classes reigns, between shepherds, farmers, and masters of the forges. The book is written with great humour, and an extraordinary passion for the written word. He is truly a writer of world literature! His unique perspective on things undoubtedly comes from his own background. Indeed, he arrived in France to study business law after a childhood spent in Pointe-Noire, in Congo Brazzaville, the economic capital of the country and his source of inspiration.

As artist in residence for a year, he was able to dedicate a lot of time to writing. From to , he taught francophone literature at Michigan-Ann Arbor university and he currently teaches francophone and comparative literature at UCLA. The novel was translated into a dozen languages and turned into a play.


Achille Mbembe et Felwine Sarr. En Avec des photos de Caroline Blache. Le sommes nous vraiment? Qui suis-je? Les affaires tournent, Julien a la vie belle et festive Splendeurs pour qui exactement? Mais peut-il encore reculer? During the dry season, I would leave the refuge that was my bed, quietly open the door of the house and go out. I was no longer afraid of ghosts and other mean and scary night time creatures.

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I would sit in the middle of the yard, look up far above me to watch the sky as my mother said my sister lived up there with the angels. And suddenly, I would see a really tiny star that shone more brightly than any other. I would watch it carefully, see it move and wave at me, smile at me and disappear for a few seconds behind the passing clouds.

It was fun, it made me smile too. I had given it a name, my Star-Sister. Sitting in the yard, I would start talking to my star, my sister. My Star-Sister listened closely.

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I woudl tell her Dad had changed motocycles and still worked for the Whites at the Victory Palace Hotel. I told her how I had read that book more than ten times and how it told the story of someone who gets lost in a very remote place, with nobody around. It blinked, it spinned, was very busy, looked anxious.

Yet its movements were precise and I had never seen her in such a state of excitement.