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This is episode 18 of the Hardest Kit on the Planet Podcast.

In this episode we talk all things bushcraft. We look at canoes trips, including how you prepare for them and what you should take. We really delve into how you can encourage and help get your family outdoors. The final big talking point is winter camping and in particular the what skills you need over and above fair weather conditions. This is episode 17 of the Hardest Kit on the Planet Podcast.

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This week we chat to a guy called Zed, he is the guy behind the Zed Outdoors Bushcraft Channel check it out. This is a guy who started off as a townie living in the middle of London and now has a Bushcraft channel on YouTube with over 25, subscribers. We look at how he got started in bushcraft, and how you can get started. We also look at the impact Social Media and the media has on bush crafting. We also delve into the gear and kit required for bushcraft, and the steps you can take to make sure that you actually have the right tools for the job.

This is episode 16 of the Hardest Kit on the Planet Podcast. This is the show where we speak to the hardest people andcompanies on the planet, looking at what makes them tick, fromadventurers and explorers to knife makers, bushcrafters, preppersand generally awesome outdoors people. If you do have anyquestions, guest suggestions or comments please feel free to dropme a message anytime to podcast heinnie.

This weeks guest is James Ketchell, who is a global adventurersand speaker. He has rowed oceans, climbed mountains, cycled aroundthe world and also written a really good book; The UltimateTriathlon. In this episode we talk all about how James got into the doors,what his motivations were and what made him take on the challengeshe did. We also chat about some of the mishaps and accidents hesuffered along the way, and look at how he overcame those.

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As wellas all that we also discuss the scouting movement in the UK,especially looking at the benefits of Scouts and how you canpotentially get involved! As always if you like the show please subscribe on iTunes andleave us a review. The more subscribers and more popular we are thebetter we can keep making this podcast.

This is episode 15 of the Hardest Kit on the Planet Podcast. If you do have any questions, guestsuggestions or comments please feel free to drop me a messageanytime to podcast heinnie. This weeks guest is well me. We don;t have a guest this week andthat's for one reason. We wanted to try something a littledifferent. We wanted to talk about something that has beensuggested to us by you guys. We explore as to what exactly constitutes aUK Legal carry knife, and what some of the key features you need tolook for are.

Finally we also explore EDC and what you need tothink about carrying. This is episode 14 of the Hardest Kit on the Planet Podcast. We then look at how Glenn comes up with these unique and innovative designs.

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We discuss how Glenn works with his son at the company and what advice he has for introducing young people to knives. This is episode 13 of the Hardest Kit on the Planet Podcast. In this episode we talk all about his job, what it entails andwhat kit he needs for all the time he spends outdoors. How he istrying to get his family to embrace to outdoors. How TV, film andthe media impacts people on their perceptions of the outdoors, anddoes it encourage people to get outdoors more?

We also look at someof the gear you need for general time outdoors not necessarilybushcraft and survival situations. We also have a good chat aboutknives and gear. If you do have any questions, guest suggestions or commentsplease feel free to drop me a message anytime to podcast heinnie. Episode 12 of the Hardest Kit on the Planet Podcast. In this episode we talk to Liong Mah.


Townie: Too lazy for the high life

This guy is awesome. He is a world renowned knife designer and tool designer, but not a knife maker. In this episode you will learn a lot of cool stuff like how he got started in designing tools and why knives in particular captured his imagination. You'll also learn about how he designs, who he designs for, where he gets his inspiration.

Th final really cool thing we talk about is how various knife laws effect how he designs each and every knife. As always a full transcript will be available on the blog; heinnie. Episode 11 of the Hardest Kit on the Planet Podcast.

The Townie

These guys are the hosts of the Into The Wilderness Podcast and are seasoned hunters. They are also just about to launch their new YouTube show! In this episode we talk about, hunting and the ethics of hunting. The reputation of hunting. What you can hunt in the UK and where you can hunt. The rules and regulations about and related to hunting. Again like every other episode and every other guest we've had on it's a fantastic episode not just because they give you stacks of information, but this week we also chat about some pretty thought provoking and emotive topics.

Well worth a listen! This is episode 10 of the Hardest Kit on the Planet Podcast. In this episode we talk to Andy Torbet who is a diver and an underwater explorer. He is also a mountaineer, skydiver, kayaker; you name it he does it. You will probably have seen him presenting some shows on the BBC. In this conversation we talk about, his adventures, how he got into it.

How he prepares for each event. He gives some advice and guidance on what kit you need and how much you should carry.