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The Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States guarantees and individual political standpoints on this issue tend to denote the broad political .. proposed the clause “No Freeman shall be debarred the use of arms within.

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The Nigerians said that their fellow national was murdered by the local drug mafia which had the sympathies of the ruling dispensation. I should have put that first. Yet another immediate action drill to practice and remember. Needs a bit of prep, too, You have to drive to the local police station at least once a year to be sure that you can get there.

There is a strong Black taboo about calling police or emergency medical help. If the tables were turned and Tyler justifiably shot the orc while the orc was trying to rob him at gunpoint , it would be a national outrage,….

Seasonal Sensation

Turns out that everybody, the wnole Rainbow Coalition from Red to Violet, plus White and Black and Brown, are getting tired of all the tolerance. None of the ethnic groups can tolerate European civilization. Low IQ groups run up against the need to have an IQ of at least 85 to work productively in an industrial society. High IQ groups run up against the lack of order in Western societies or the lack of subordinate castes or any castes at all , etc. Everybody is tired of being European except the Europeans, and the Europeans are getting tired of playing Mr.

Nice Guy, have recovered somewhat from the last round of World Wars, and would like to have a future. You can see all that on TV in the disintegration of the Democratic Party and in the support for Trump. Couple that with the possible change in international reserve currency, the probable effect of that on US protection of the sea lanes and the dependency of everybody on global trade, and there might be a wee spot of trouble.

Essentially, the area had considerable confused fighting that greatly simplified its ethnic composition, after which it stabilized until being absorbed into the Warsaw pact after WW II. This is raw evolution in action. As brutal as it sounds, the overall fitness of the European gene pool has just been made healthier.

Dashcams are very common in UK these days. Load 2nd-hand car with mates having disconnected the brake lights, sneak out of ghetto to the nearest busy road and tool along selecting a mark. Obviously avoid any Eastern European plates.

Slide in front and at the next roundabout rotary or junction slam on the brakes a bit early, causing a small shunt. Drivers exchange details, and off we go. Abdul, Achmed, and all his cousins named Mohammed. Those cars must be like the Tardis, bigger inside than out. Dashcams have pretty much finished it obviously the cops just looked the other way, as usual. So cameras are de rigeur for the high-mileage motorist.

Madea - let them go

Also good for Youtube footage of those mind-cripplingly insane things that one encounters on the major routes, or footage of blazing vehicles on the hard shoulder strangely common , with the occupants standing forlornly behind the crash barrier at a safe distance. It would work with blacks too, or when monkeys at the safari park climb all over your car and start rippping the windowseals, wipers and aerials off. And plenty of drugs too.? Blaming white Europeans for the pathological failure of the Africans is one of the central planks of the progressive religion. When you point out how black run cities are violent shitholes….

And when you skip the pond and try to point out that Africa is a violent shithole too…Oh!! They, too, saw the same elevated levels of violence, the same high time preference, the same irascibility, how easily riled black Africans are, the widespread illegitimacy, etc. Some of their writings on the subject would make someone like David Duke blush. Just further proof that the usual excuses bandied about by progressives in this Empire of Lies, are just that: lies.

Around blacks, never relax. I am on alert whenever they are near me. I have very forcefully told my kids the same thing. Do not go to parties wit them, do not socialize, do not be friends, nothing. I lived in columbia, sc for 6 years. We never walked downtown alone at night. Even at 5 points going to the bars.

Definitely not a safe place.

Actually a subject in sore need of further exploration. Do not forget the breakup of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, leaving Austria with a capital too big to support. You are mistaken… Trayvon Martin was casing houses for future robberies. Upon suggestions from a dispatcher, Zimmerman was advised to refrain from following Trayvon Martin.

The rest is history. Homicide is ,for example ,a largely intraracial crime but the news media greatly overreports on less common cases of black people committing homicide against white people. The creatures involved in this kind of evil are far, far lower than animals. We helped each other, whenever possible, looked out for each other, and had friendly relations, shared family events, barbecues and other social events. I restored an old car to near showroom condition and used to park it in my driveway.

If you are a white person and live and drive through that area, blithely believing that because you love blacks that they will love you in return, you are volunteering to get murdered at the hands of blacks. It was just as bad in the s as it is today. The ordeal that us white and Asian students had to go through was harrowing, to say the least. Most of the teachers were deferential to blacks, although there were a few teachers who recognized the plight of us white students and tried to carefully shield their white and Asian students from predatory blacks, giving them additional attention and coursework, knowing that they could excel in spite of the, violent, raucous atmosphere.

Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch volunteer, and Trayvon was behaving suspiciously. Zimmerman had every right to ask Martin questions. Martin had no right to attack Zimmerman and try to kill him.


And concrete is in fact a weapon that can kill you. If so, maybe there should be a blanket permission and a general necessity for all in the area to remain armed.. This is something no law can prevent, it requires personal on the spot, self defense.. The Useful Idiot goes to the big city to feed his addiciton to Virtue Signaling and gets beaten to death after a fender bender by one of the people he came there to help. Because most Whites addicted to the drug Virtue Signaling and it is a drug know to feed thier addiction at a safe distance from non-Whites.


There is young and idealist,and there is just too stupid to live. The young man made the mistake of thinking that Africans in the US are somehow different than Africans in Africa. Believing in the magic dirt theory can be hazardous to your health. Would have loved to know exactly what he said. All of the reactions are either a sickening, over the top forgiveness, or simply stunned silence. I mean I was not there but if anything can be called inciting this is it. Probably Tyler was a fool.. Many colonist arrived in America just before an Indian Arrow was found in their bodies.

This seems territorial to me.

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Beating up on the white guy is home land security at its finest. Its a public statement expressing a personal commitment to a territorial propaganda. The statement was made because it would be expected to be a newsworthy expression of the neighborhood propaganda, not because of event induced emotional rage. It resulted from a neighborhood conspiracy to promote a racially defined territorial agenda. The neighborhood, denies white folks their civil rights and the neighborhood residents are challenged to defend and champion the propaganda..

The entire Nigerian approach to life-haughty, swaggering, guileless, inconsiderate, without reflection, bellowing-it is only a matter of time before Indians take a dislike to them. Goa is a litmus test. Get a bunch of foreigners, unfetter them with booze and sometimes drugs, watch how they spin out of control. The Scandinavians start taking their clothes off. The Brits get high. The Nigerians…well, the Nigerians are just Nigerians. Good for the Indians. Obviously, they missed their, uh, Indian privilege class.

Good that they recognize reality for what it is. A similar situation was prevalent in Detroit.

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Not only would the driver and passenger of the car make an insurance claim, present bus passengers and those getting on the bus AFTER the accident would also file for claims from the city.